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More ways to improve English listening! - Another news story with "Fill in the blanks"

Tree Free Paper (Audio)

- Listen to the audio and fill in the blanks.

Actor Woody Harrelson is _______ to raise money for Prairie Paper Ventures Inc. a private company he started 15 years back.
Prairie Paper makes its paper using a different mix of ______ from normal: 80% of the inputs come from wheat straw and the rest from ______ fibre. The paper is known as Step Forward Paper. It’s _______ on Amazon US, and at Staples, Lyreco and Basics.
In a _______ on its website, “Out of the Furnace” star Harrelson, who is holding up a box of paper, said “it’s good for the forests, it’s good for the farmers and it’s good for our _______.”
The company’s tree-free paper is produced in India – because no ecomill is _______ in North America and Europe. The ultimate goal is to “build a 100% tree-free, off-the-grid, eco-friendly, chlorine-free mill on the Prairies where millions of tonnes of ______ wheat straw is readily available,” said Christina Marshall, director of __________.
In the final section of the video, Harrelson adds: “Two boxes of this paper saves one tree, so you can make a very real ________.” On the same website, the company ______ to have saved 8,681 trees.
But the $5-million that the company is _______ to raise won’t come from a public offering. Instead the offering will be posted on the Optimize Capital Markets’ _______, specifically its institutional crowd-funding portal.

So far Prairie Papers has ______ about $10-million. Some of that capital came from the Canadian federal and Manitoba _______. In a mid-2010 release, Ottawa said that so far, “the provincial and federal governments have invested $575,000 in Prairie Pulp and Paper,” through a ______ of programs. Since then another $3.4-million has been ________.

Great work! This is hard!!!!!!! :)

p.s. check my post for Dec. 27th for the full story plus help with some of the vocabulary.

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