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English grammar - correctly using FOR, SINCE, AGO

Here is a quick guide to using FOR, SINCE and AGO.


For talks about a length of time (an amount of time) 10 minutes, 9 weeks, 25 years etc.

"I have known Dylan for 15 years."
15 years before ---------15 years----------- now

"Steven has been trying to catch a taxi for 30 minutes."
30 minutes before -------30 minutes--------- now

"When I was in University I lived in Toronto for 4 years."
2003---------------4 years-------------2007


Since talks about a point of time in the past until now.

"I have known Dylan since 2009."
2009 --------------------> now

"Steven has been trying to catch a taxi since 6:30pm."
6:30pm ------------------>now


Ago means before now.

"I ordered the pizza 25 minutes ago, it should be here soon."
= 25 minutes before

A: "How long ago was your last dentist visit?"
B: "It was 7 months ago. I think it's time for another check-up!"

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