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Common English expression - "You can't miss it." (Updated with audio!)

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There are lots of common English expressions. Today let me show you one that I used 2 days ago when I gave someone directions to a new cafe. Please look at the following conversation:

A: "Why don't we meet at the new coffee shop that opened on Sunday? It's brand new so I don't think too many people will be there."

B: "Okay, but I've never been. Can you tell me how to get there?"

A: "Sure, it's easy. When you get to the train station take the South exit and turn left. There is a huge sign hanging from the roof. You can't miss it!"

Can you guess what you can't miss it means? If you miss something/someone it can mean you didn't see something/someone.

Carl: "Did you see Bob this morning?"
Spencer: "No, he left right before I got to the office. I just missed him."

And we know that if you can't do something it isn't possible.
"I can't stop eating donuts! They are too delicious!"

So.... We can easily imagine something that we can't miss is impossible not to see. 2 negatives in a sentence sounds odd here (impossible + not see) so a perfect definition of can't miss is very easy to see.

There’s a huge sign, you can't miss it!

Practice giving directions and use the phrase You can't miss it! when you describe something that is easy to see!

"I'm having a big garden party this weekend, 
bring all your friends! I live at 328 Main St. I'll tie some 
colorful balloons to my patio gate. You can't miss it!"

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