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Useful English expression - "I'm not a fan of..."

The World Cup is very popular but I was reminded by one of my English students in Japan that not everyone likes soccer/football.

In yesterday's blog post I talked about jet lag and time zones and I asked my readers if they woke up early or stayed up late to see their team play. One of my private students told me that she doesn't watch soccer. She's not a fan.


a person who admires somebody/something or enjoys watching or listening to somebody/something very muchmovie fanscrowds of football fansa big fan of Madonnafan mail(= letters from fans to the person they admire)

If we talk about something we don't like, a very common English phrase is I'm not a fan. This expression is common because the feeling is not as strong as I don't like it. It's s polite way to say I'm not interested in something or I don't like something. We can use it in many situations, not just sports. For example:

With food

A: "Would you like to order some hot chicken wings?'
B: "No thanks. I'm not a fan of spicy foods."

With entertainment

A: "Madonna is coming to town next month! My friend got 4 tickets to the concert! Would you like to come?"
B: "No thanks. Live music shows are fun but I'm not a fan of Madonna."

A: "I rented 2 movies. Would you like to watch The Notebook or Mission Impossible 3?"
B: "Let's watch The Notebook , I'm not a fan of action movies."

For me personally I'm not a fan of  iced coffee. I like my coffee hot! How about you? What are you not a fan of?

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