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Everyday English - More idioms using the word "Dog"

Let sleeping dogs lie

This expression is used to advise against actions that might cause problems. If things are fine right now, we shouldn’t change them if we think there is a danger that things may become worse.

*The idea is that if a dog is sleeping and we wake him up, he may become angry. It's better to let him sleep.

Jill: “Should I ask the boss if he's upset at my coming in late in the mornings?”

Jane: “If he hasn't said anything about it, just let sleeping dogs lie.” = If the boss didn’t say anything you shouldn’t mention it, there is no need to mention it. Maybe he hasn't noticed!

Example from The Free Dictionary

"It was obvious that Donald Trump had been forced into making a second statement on Monday regarding Saturday’s violence in Virginia. Trump couldn’t, or wouldn’t, let sleeping dogs lie."

Full news article here

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