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English grammar - Much or Many? (+ English Video and lots of example sentences!)

Do you know when to use MUCH? ...when to use MANY? In this video I'll explain how with natural English examples!

Helpful slides from the video ↓

In English we use the words MUCH and MANY to show there is a large amount of something.
MUCH is used with nouns we cannot count. For Example
  • Smoke
  • Water
  • Money

*MUCH is most often used in negative sentences. Too much or not much of something.

Saying “I have much money.” is not natural.

I drank too much beer last night at the party!

Kyle would like to travel more, but he doesn't have much money.

MANY is used with the plural forms of nouns we can count. 
For Example:

  • Cars
  • Sunglasses
  • People

I have many apps on my iPhone.
*Apps is the plural form of the countable noun ‘app.’ It’s short for a software application.

There are many people on this train.

There are too many cars on the road. 
Public transportation is better for the environment.

More Examples

Uncountable nouns
rice - music
sand - electricity
luck - coffee
advice - traffic
bread - weather

Countable nouns
apple- song
beach - school
accident - cup
umbrella - bike
cloud - jacket

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