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Thick and Thin - English adjectives / other uses


Definitions from

thick - adjective - having a larger distance between opposite sides or surfaces than other similar objects or than normal

thinadjective - having a smaller distance between opposite sides or surfaces than other similar objects or than normal

a thick book (= one that has a lot of pages) ~ a thin book (= one that doesn't have many pages)


Thick and Thin ~ other uses


For hair/fur/trees = growing closely together in large numbers

"His eyebrows were thick and bushy."

a thick forest


For hair = not growing closely together or in large amounts

"As Kyle got older his hair got thinner."

hair, trees


For liquid  = not flowing very easily

"I like thick pumpkin soup."


For liquid = containing more liquid than is normal or expected

"This pasta sauce is very thin, it doesn't have much flavor."

for liquid


For fog/smoke/air = difficult to see through; difficult to breathe in

"The plane crashed in thick fog."

 ~ thick smoke


For the air = containing less oxygen than normal

"The air is thin at high altitude."


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2019 Happy New Year! (10 Idioms with PIG)

Year of the PIG

World English blog and World English 808 would like to wish you all a happy and healthy NEW YEAR! 
In the Chinese zodiac, 2019 is the year of the pig. Do you know what zodiac means?

10 Idioms with PIG - year of the pig

According to Wikipedia, the Chinese animal zodiac is used:
in many Asian countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Bhutan, and Thailand.

Zodiac image By Jakub Hałun - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

When we think of pigs in the west we think about farm animals that we eat. They are usually thought of as dirty animals who eat a lot! A few of the idioms that use pig are about eating or being dirty.

In Japan, the animal of 2019 is 猪 (Inoshishi) which is an animal in the pig family but it is wild. It lives in the forest, not on a farm. It often has tusks. In Japan you might see New Year's cards with images like this:

Pigs on a farm do not have tusks.

There are many online lists of idioms that use the word pig. Some of these idioms I have seen in movies or on TV, some I have heard in conversation as I grew up and some I have used myself! 

The problem is that some of them are not common at all. I should say ‘Not common to me,’ but remember I am a native English speaker who grew up in Canada. My list only includes idioms that are familiar to me and I hear native speakers actually use. 

There may be idioms on other websites that are common in England or Australia or even some common idioms that I haven’t heard before. For this list, I have just included the idioms that are the most familiar to me, idioms that I am confident to use in natural conversation.

year of the pig

Here are 10 idioms with the word PIG as chosen by me!
90% of these Pig idioms are from

You can find links to the Free Dictionary dot com idiom pages below.

In English, the word pig can be used a few ways. You can call someone who eats too much a pig

"Hey save some cake for everyone! Don't be a pig!"

Pig is also used for the police.
"Time to go, the pigs are on there way." 

year of the pig

1. Pig out (on something) - to eat too much of something at one time.
"After Halloween, my brother and I always pigged out on our candy."

2. Eat like a pig - to eat a lot; to have a big appetite.
"Dave is coming to dinner so you better make lots of food. He eats like a pig!"

3. Make a pig of yourself - to eat a lot in a greedy or unpleasant way.
"We have guests coming over tonight so don't make a pig of yourself at dinner."

* These 3 idioms all have a similar meaning but please notice they are used differently. 
- we pig out on something and this is often used to describe your own behavior.
- to say that someone eats like a pig is not as strong or negative as to say someone made a pig of themselves. The 3rd example above has a very negative feeling.

year of the pig

4. (A place) is a pigsty - a place is very dirty.
"Greg you need to clean your apartment, it's a pigsty!"

5. (be like) a greased pig - to move very fast and be difficult to catch.
"I spent 40 minutes trying to catch my dog after he got out of our backyard. It was like trying to catch a greased pig."

6. lipstick on a pig - to make a superficial (outside appearance) change but not make any meaningful changes. This is used for things that were not good before and still not good after changes to the appearance.
A: "They improved the interior of the restaurant, but the food is still bad and the staff are not friendly."
B: "You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig."

7. when pigs (can) fly - used to describe something that is very unlikely or will never happen.
A: "Do you think I will get a chance to take Angelina Jolie on a date?"
B: "Sure, when pigs fly!"

 year of the pig

8. Happy as a pig in mud - slang - very happy
"Javier loves comic books. He was happy as a pig in mud at the San Diego comic convention last year."

9. Sweat like a pig - to sweat a lot
"I love Tokyo but the summer is so humid. I sweat like a pig for the whole month of August."

10. guinea pig - if someone is used to test something or used in an experiment they are a guinea pig.
A: "Try this salsa I just made. I used some new ingredients this time."
B: "Okay, I'll be your guinea pig." 
*To hear guinea pronunciation click - here

Thanks for reading! Are these idioms useful for you? Which one will you use first? Tell me below in the comments↓

Free Dictionary dot com idiom links:

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