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English VERB practice - Past continuous tense

Past continuous is used when we talk about a verb we were in the middle of doing at a time in the past.

I was doing, he/she/it was doing,
you were doing, we/they were doing

*Last Friday I played soccer from 1:00 until 2:30. So at 2:00 I was playing soccer.

“During the big Earthquake of March 2011 most people in Tokyo were working.” = they were in the middle of working when the earthquake happened.

A: “What were you doing last night at 10:00 last night? I tried to call you.”
B: “Sorry, at 10:00 I was sleeping.”

“The teacher got mad at me today because I wasn’t listening during class.”
"What did the teacher just say?"
Try and make your own examples! Use real experiences from your life, this is a great way remember new grammar. Write your examples and practice telling your friends.

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