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English verbs PLUS preposition “to” or “at” with a different meaning.

Here are 2 common examples of verbs that use both "to" and "at" with a different meaning.

1- Shout

Shout to (so they can hear you)

“I saw my friend Jim across the street but he couldn’t see me, so I shouted “Hello!” to him.”

Shout at (when you’re angry)

“When my brother got in a car accident my Dad shouted at him for 25 minutes.”

2- Throw

Throw to (for someone to catch)

“I threw the ball to my son but he dropped it. His hands are still too small.”

Throw at (this means try to hit someone with something)

“My brother threw a water balloon at me in the park!”

"My brother threw a water balloon at me."

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