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Learn English "Get/Receive"

To receive & to get

These 2 words can have the same meaning, but we use get more than we use receive in English conversation.

“I was driving too fast this morning and I got a speeding ticket!” –
I received a speeding ticket is not natural.

“The store has a special this week. If you buy 3 sweaters you can get a 4th one for free.” –
You can receive a 4th one for free is not natural.

“I hope I can get a promotion at work this year. I have been working very hard.”

*For formal situations it is okay to use receive, but most times get will also fit.

“My father received a 35 year award from his company last night.”
“My father got a 35 year award from his company last night.” (This is also okay.)

“At the graduation ceremony I will receive my diploma.”

Offer expires soon = offer ends (finishes) in a short time.
"Time is running out!"

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