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Other phrasal verbs with IN and OUT

Other phrasal verbs with IN and OUT

Phrasal verbs - A verb plus 1 more word that has a new meaning.

Phrasal verbs are very common in English. Today let’s look at more phrasal verbs with IN and OUT.

Drop in = to visit someone for a short time with no plan
“If I have time tomorrow I may drop in to see Bill on my way home from school.”

Plug in = connect a machine to supply of electricity or a device to another machine

“Can you plug in the cell phone charger for me? I need to charge my phone.”

*The opposite of "plug in" is unplug. (Not plug off)

Fill out = to write information on a form or an application
“If I want to get a store credit card I have to fill out this form first.”
 Cut (something) out = to remove something from a magazine or newspaper
“I like this photo of George Clooney so I cut it out of an old magazine.”

More "OUT" phrasal verbs at:

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