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Useful English vocabulary – “even” II

Useful English vocabulary – “even” II

We often use even with the comparative form of adjectives. (bigger, more intelligent) This gives the feeling that we are surprised by the difference.

For example:
“I worked until 10:00 last night, but Danny worked even later than me!”

"Everyone had to work late last night. Even my boss."
“I was surprised at how cold it was yesterday, the middle September is usually warmer. But I was even more surprised at how many people were still wearing tee shirts and shorts!”

When we use conditions we can say even if/even when/even though

“My brother always wears shorts, even if it’s cold out.”

“My brother always wears shorts, even when it’s cold out.”

Even though it’s cold out my brother will wear shorts.”

"There are icicles hanging from the roof, please put long pants on today!"

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