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Helpful English - Comparison I

This week let's look at English comparative form. I did a quick version 2 weeks ago but I wanted to explain in more detail and give more examples. Comparative form of very useful when we describe things in conversation.
-Mike is taller than my brother.
The book is usually more interesting than the movie.
Taller and more interesting are comparative form.
Here is a simple rule for using adjectives to compare two things.
One Syllable Adjectives
add '-er' to end of the adjective.
Example: cheap - cheaper / hot - hotter / high - higher
"Yesterday was hotter than today."
"This computer is cheaper than that computer."
Two Syllable Adjectives Ending in '-y'
add '-ier' to end of the adjective.
Example: happy - happier / friendly - friendlier
"I am happier than you. "
"Scott is friendlier than Fred."
Other 2-syllable adjectives and adjectives with 3 or more syllables
use more + the adjective.
Example: interesting - careful / more careful more interesting / difficult - more difficult
"The shopping malls are always more crowded just before Christmas."
"Tokyo is more expensive than Toronto."

"Mandarin Chinese is more difficult to learn than English."
"The town square is usually more crowded than this."

Tomorrow is comparison pt. 2

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