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Helpful English - Contractions

I made an infographic and a video to teach some common contractions used in spoken English for the verb TO BE. There are many contractions used in spoken English so I thought I would blog about a few more...

There are many contracted phrases in English, today let's look at some contractions that use the negative 'NOT.'
can not (cannot) becomes - can't
"Has anyone seen my car keys? I can't find them."
could not becomes - couldn't
"You should put your keys in the same place every time. You also couldn't find them 2 days ago!"
did not becomes - didn't
"I didn't finish my homework yet, so I can't watch TV."
does not becomes - doesn't
"Leon isn't home from work yet. He doesn't finish until 6:00 on Wednesdays."
do not becomes - don't
"I don't have my watch on so I'm not sure what time it is."

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