Phrasal verbs with To BE II

Phrasal verbs with To BE

We can use "TO BE" + out of when there is no more supply or stock of something.

"My printer is out of ink, I need to go to the store."

A: "I can't wait to try the mega burger at Big Bob's Burger House."
B: "I'm afraid you're out of luck, they don't sell those anymore."

"You're out of luck on the mega burger, but how about some pizza instead?"

We can use "TO BE" + in on when we know some inside information or a secret.

"Is Sarah in on our plans? Has anyone told her?"

"My father is planning a family vacation, but I'm not sure where he's going. He won't let me in on the secret."

"I'm not in on the vacation plans. They're top secret."

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