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Double negatives pt. 3


If double negatives are used in the same sentence to emphasize a negative meaning the sentence is incorrect.

X "Kyle doesn't know nothing about computers." X

But on Monday I said "There is nothing I can't do." was okay.

The difference is that this sentences clearly conveys (shows) a positive meaning. "I can do anything."

Here are some more possible examples of double negatives with a positive meaning.

"I don't regret not going to the party." = I'm not sad or upset that I didn't go.

"The puppy in the window was so cute! I couldn't not buy him!" = I had to buy the puppy because he was so cute.

This kind of double negative "Kyle doesn't know nothing about computers." fails because it is trying to express a negative meaning. 

Are you still confused? DON'T WORRY!!!! Just stick to the positive vocabulary to express yourself :) If you hear a double negative that sounds odd but you can sense the meaning is positive, now you can understand it! 

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