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Confusing words - plane VS plain

Confusing words

Do you know the meaning of these 2 words?

plane is a short way to say airplane 

plain has several meanings. One meaning is not complicated; simple
The interior of the church was plain and simple.

plain yogurt (= without sugar or fruit)

a plain dress 

Easy English listening practice・Unhealthy Breakfast (Audio included! 2018 update)

Unhealthy Breakfast

πŸ‘€ Read the text below

Jack is a bachelor. He works in
downtown Chicago as a shoe salesman.
Every morning on his way to work, Jack
stops at a donut shop and buys a chocolate
donut and a cup of coffee. Jack likes this
morning routine because it is quick and easy.
He doesn’t have to cook breakfast or wash
the dishes.
Last time Jack went to the doctor for
a check-up his doctor told him that he had
high cholesterol. The doctor told Jack to
stop eating foods that are high in fat.

Donuts are fried in a lot of fat.

 What's your favorite breakfast?
Tell me in the comments!


Click below to download the worksheet!
Story and worksheet from

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Other uses for the preposition IN (VIDEO + more!)

Other uses for the preposition AT (VIDEO + more!)

Other uses for the preposition ON
(VIDEO and lots of example sentences!)

We use the word "BY" to show how we do something

In English we sometimes use the word "BY" to show how we do something.

"Can I pay by credit card?"

"I came here by train today."

"These things are all made by hand."

(*We also use the adjective handmade to mean 'made by hand')
These chocolates are handmade.

From English 808 on TWITTER - Wait AT (place) FOR (something)

 We wait AT a place FOR a thing. 

"He is waiting AT home FOR a taxi." 

More examples:

"My dog waits AT the door FOR me to come home."

"We were waiting AT the crosswalk FOR the signal to change when I saw my friend from work."

English Idioms with "RUNNING"

English Idioms - In honor of the World Athletics Championships

The World Athletics Championships just finished in Beijing China so today let's learn some idioms with the word running.

hit the ground running - to be ready to work immediately on a new activity, 
already have energy (be moving forward)

"His previous experience will allow him to hit the ground running when he becomes the sales manager."

"I had lots of energy this morning when I woke up, I jumped out of bed and hit the ground running. I had most of my tasks finished before lunch!"

up and running - [of a machine] functioning (working)

"If I can get my computer up and running I don't need to buy a new one!"

"As soon as we can get the old tractor up and running, we will plant the rice."

It's the year of the sheep! 2 English - Idioms with sheep

2015 is the year of the sheep!In honor of this animal here are 2 English idioms that use the word SHEEP

black sheep (of the family)
= the worst member of a family or group.

"Brenda is the black sheep of the family. She always gets in trouble with the police."

A: "My brother has been kicked out of school 3 times in 4 years!"
B: "What do you expect from the black sheep of the family?"

*It's common to just say (the) black sheep to mean the worst person in a family/group. In the example above you could also say:

A: "My brother has been kicked out of school 3 times in 4 years!"
B: "What do you expect from the black sheep?"

a wolf in sheep's clothing
= a dangerous person pretending to be harmless.

"My new coworker seemed to be a very friendly guy, but we later found out that he was a wolf in sheep's clothing. He lied to us and was caught stealing from the company."

New Years Idiom ~ Out with the old and in with the new

Out with the old and in with the new

During New Years I often hear this expression. It means getting rid of your old 'things' to make room for new things to come into your life. 

OUT - leave
IN - come

'Things' don't only mean belongings or material things. 'Things' can also mean making room for new relationships, challenges, adventures, goals, etc. 

For me this idiom has always represented a fresh start! A chance to improve and to make some positive changes in your life!

I wish everyone who is learning English lots of success this year! Thanks for reading my blog :)

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New Years resolution *English vocabulary

Every New Year people make resolutions, like to lose weight or start a new business, but what is a resolution? Let's learn it now!

Resolution is the noun form of the verb resolve.
Check the definition below:

resolve - verb 
to make a firm (strong) decision to do something
resolve to do something
"He resolved not to tell her the truth."
resolve (that)…
"She resolved (that) she would never see him again."

Resolve is a synonym of decide (Synonyms are 2 words that have almost the same meaning. Big is a synonym of large. Small is a synonym of little.)

Do you know the meaning of decide?

decide - verb
to think carefully about the different possibilities that are available and choose one of them
"It's up to you to decide."
"I can't tell you what to do—you'll have to decide for yourself."
decide between A and B
"It was difficult to decide between the two candidates."

So if resolution is the noun form of the verb resolve and resolve is a synonym of decide maybe it will help us to look at the noun form of decide, which is...

decision  - noun
a choice or judgement that you make after thinking and talking about what is the best thing to do
*to make a decision (= to decide)

Can you guess what a resolution is?

resolution - noun
a firm decision to do or not to do something
"She made a resolution to visit her relatives more often."

Have you made any New Year's resolutions(= for example, to give up smoking from 1 January)? Write your resolution in the comments below!


I hope the year of the sheep is GREAT for everyone :)
All the best for 2015!!!

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