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English vocabulary - How to use the word "scenery" in natural conversation

scenery - noun - the natural features of an area, such as mountains, valleys, rivers and forests that are nice to look at
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"I love Hakone! (in Japan) The lake, the scenery, the people and the hot springs are great!"

"We had a lovely honeymoon in Hawaii. The weather and the scenery were so beautiful."

another - what it means and how to use it naturally!

another = one more; an extra thing or person

"I ate a piece of cake, it was very tasty so I had another!"
(One more piece of cake.)

"As soon as I finished my task at work my boss gave me another... I will work overtime tonight."
(I have an extra task to do now)

"Another Starbucks is opening downtown next week. There will be 8 cafes in 3 blocks!"
(One more Starbucks is coming)

word of mouth - common English expression

word of mouth - because people tell each other and not because they read about it

"The news spread by word of mouth."

"Positive word of mouth advertising is great for businesses."

"Companies are worried about bad word of mouth."

English vocabulary - confident

Definition from

Are you confident using English? Let's look at 2 ways to use the word CONFIDENT

Confident is an adjective. It can mean:
~ feeling sure about your own ability to do things and be successful

"She a relaxed, confident person. People felt very comfortable around her."

"The teacher wants the students to feel confident about asking questions when they don't understand."

It can also mean:
~ feeling certain that something will happen in the way that you want or expect

"The team is confident they will win the championship."

"I'm confident that you will get the job."

click here for confident pronunciation!

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Uphill battle ~ English expression

~English expressions~

Uphill battle 

~ if something you are trying to do is an uphill battle, it is very difficult, often because other people are causing problems for you

"Fujitsu's PC business has been facing an uphill battle due to the widespread use of tablets."

"Donald Trump has lost support after the debates, winning the election will be an uphill battle for him now."

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