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2:30 minute English listening practice! "Dieting Advice" (10 new words explained!)

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Dieting: Old Advice, New Again

From: The Times in Plain English

Diets usually fail. That’s how dieting has become a billion-dollar business. You lose weight, you stop dieting, you gain back the weight that you lost, and you start again on another diet.

Is there a better way? The answer is yes. And it’s easy. What is it? Change the way you eat.

It’s different for every person, but there are some general rules.

Read nutrition labels before you buy anything in a package.

Practice portion control.

Exercise and weigh yourself every day. If the number on the scale begins to creep up, you should walk, bike or swim a little more. You should eat a little less for a few days.

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Eat everything you want, but eat in moderation.

Eat many homemade meals. Load the meals with vegetables.

Choose calorie-controlled snacks like popcorn, graham crackers, and ice cream (really ice milk). No seconds!

Reduce calories over the long term.

You are most likely to be successful when you decide what changes in diet to make and when. Dietary change is a slow process. It’s one that requires ongoing attention.

An expert said “I do not believe in diets or any particular products. I believe in learning how to create a healthy lifestyle. The formula is simple."

  • Stop eating junk food,
  • Eat good food that is real, not processed,

  • Avoid drinking your calories,
  • Know what one serving is and do not eat more than that in a sitting,

  • Move your butt every day — even just walking is better than being a couch potato, and
  • Stop making excuses.

Watch out for package claims of “low fat” or “low carbohydrate.”

Read the facts on the nutrition label. Sugar often compensates for flavor.

Fruit juice may be fat-free. But it is not low in calories. It contains large amounts of sugar.

Download a comprehensive calorie chart of common foods. It will help you make changes that will cut about 500 calories from your daily diet. Do the same with an exercise chart.

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